Welcome from the Head of School

Brian Morgan
Head of School

    Greetings and welcome to Lacordaire Academy.  If you have not visited us, please do so. You will see and experience first hand the many reasons our parents and students have chosen Lacordaire.  The Academy remains steadfast in providing a rigorous and vigorous curriculum that is rooted in the Dominican traditions of values, service, and justice.  As I begin my fifth year as the Head of School and Lacordaire Academy begins its 92nd year inspiring young minds and educating tomorrow’s leaders, I am excited about evolving approaches to an interdisciplinary program of study and our advances in our pedagogy.

     Innovative and effective instruction is the core of Lacordaire’s educational experience. This is how the Academy’s students grow, learn about the world, become inspired and develop their dreams. To continue its challenging instructional platform and progressive academic curriculum Lacordaire Academy continues to refine and reinvent its program of study and methods of delivery.  

    This year we will introduce the Harkness method of instruction. The multi-purpose Academy Harkness classroom and conference center room will be utilized exclusively to support the Harkness method of instruction, as well as a conference facility when schedule availability permits. Developed at Phillips Exeter Academy and contingent upon the Harkness Table, the Harkness method of instruction is based on a student-centered pedagogy. In brief, the Harkness method seats students and teachers around a specially designed table where students exchange ideas, questions, and answers. This method demands that everyone is prepared and engaged; everyone is respectful; and everyone is a contributor.

     The seamless PreK-12 curriculum challenges students to learn through exploration and curiosity. The rigors of the course of studies causes our students to develop confidence, critical thinking and analytical skills necessary for them to proceed and be successful in each stage of their academic career.  Leadership skills are gained by students taking charge and leading every activity we offer—clubs, sports, and in the arts. Our student-centered approach causes students to take ownership of their school and its community. Many of our students participate in at least two sports, several clubs, and star in one of our theatre productions.

    Lacordaire Students grow in a number of ways—intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. Our environment is most often summarized as being a “family.” Within this type of setting, the students are comfortable with seeking out risks, making mistakes, and having fun…serious fun!  Our spiritual educational process goes well beyond the classroom. Our diverse student body leads liturgies/prayer services and spend countless hours performing community service.    

   In closing, I invite you to become part of this great community. Please visit each part of our website to gain a more in-depth understanding of Lacordaire Academy. Do not hesitate to be in touch. You can contact me at bmorgan@lacordaire.net.

       Best Wishes,

Brian F. Morgan
     Head of School

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