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Lacordaire Academy offers a strong college preparatory curriculum providing courses which satisfy the requirements for admission to the +most selective colleges and universities. As a school committed to the education of young women, the programs offered are sensitive not only to the issues of gender in the curriculum, but also to the issues of leadership in both our school and the world at large.

Our program is a well-rounded one which concentrates not only on the need to think, speak, and write clearly but also emphasizes the importance of logical analysis and technological understanding.


The Honors Courses are one of the means to this end. The Honors Courses require work above the regular college preparatory curriculum. Lacordaire Academy has developed a curriculum which stimulates intellectual curiosity and challenges the student's abilities. Incumbent upon the student engaged in these courses is to make intelligent use of her time and energy.


If a student expresses an interest in a discipline not offered in our curriculum, an online course may be arranged. Online courses allow us to expand out curriculum, thus enabling us to offer a larger selection of courses.


Students may enroll in college credit courses offered by Seton Hall University and/or Caldwell College. These courses are offered at Lacordaire Academy and taught by teachers holding at least a Masters degree and accepted as adjunct teachers by the colleges.


Advanced placement courses are offered in French, Spanish, Calculus, and Literature.

College Courses

(In Affiliation with Seton Hall University and Caldwell College)

AP Literature and Composition "This senior elective is designed to teach college level writing and analysis throught the fundamentals of literary and rhetorical theory. This course follows the curricular requirements described in the AP English course description. The goal is to provide a solid foundation in analytical discussion, extended written arguments, and critical reading. Class discussion will focus on the readings and require close scrutiny of major elements in the text including theme, structure, style, language, symbolism and other literary devises. Students are expected to develop a thorough understanding of types and purposes of literary criticism.

(4 credits)
Introduction to the function of organ systems and their integration by the nervous and endocrine systems. Elements of structure as a basis for understanding function. Emphasis on the mechanisms of regulation of body processes that maintain life in the face of environmental changes.

(4 Credits)
Continuation of the fall semester.

(3 Credits)
Begins the process of introduction into the teaching profession, acquaints the students with the daily realities, issues and aspirations of teaching; explores the classroom as a unique social context, develops a sense of commitment.

(3 Credits)
Review of the essentials of grammar, vocabulary building, conversation, and composition. Reading of modern prose.

(3 Credits)
Collection and presentation of data; descriptive measures; sets; probabiltu theory; random variables; mathematical expectations; discrete and continuous probability distributions, including Binomial, Poisson and Normal; sampling distributions; introduction to regression and correlations. 

(3 Credits)
Explores the basis for American Law by examining various theories of jurisprudence, or philosophies of law, and the goals and objectives of law. Distinguishes law from other forms of social control, and looks at the impact of law on society.

(3 Credits)
Survey of the major content areas of psychology including physiology, perception, motivation, learning, cognition, personality, developmental, abnormal and social.

College Guidance

The Academy has been very successful over the years in placing our students in some of the most prestigious colleges and universities in the nation. Our students have been accepted in the following schools; University of Pennsylvania, Boston College, Boston University, Fordham University, New York University, Villanova University, Loyola University, Drew University, Providence College, The College of New Jersey, Parsons New School for Design, Rensselaer Institute of Technology, Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art , the University of Rochester, The George Washington University, Bryn Mawr College, the University of Chicago, Bucknell University and Georgetown University. 

Please use the College Acceptance Handbook to help in the college process. Remember that the Guidance Office is happy to help in any way to ensure that the process is smooth and pleasant. 

Please download the complete College Acceptance Handbook here. 

Financial Aid and Scholarships: The following sites provide valuable information into the financial aid process.

www.collegeboard.com - contains a wealth of information on scholarships and making college affordable
www.FAFSA.ed.gov - the first step in applying for a scholarship or any financial aid
www.collegeboard.com/profile -  contains information on the CSS/PROFILE, a financial aid application required by some colleges
www.studentaid.ed.gov - lists available aid
www.fastweb.com - comprehensive list of available scholarships and other forms of aid
www.finaid.org - contains additional lists of aid sources 

My contact information is
Margaret Farrell, Director of Guidance,
Assistant Head, Secondary Division
phone – 973-744-1156  Extension 17
e-mail - mfarrell@lacordaire.net


Project Justice

Project Justice is a service internship completed by every senior during their final semester at the Academy. Through this course, students live the Dominican tradition of social justice and community service. Students complete 60 hours of service in two separate types of facilities. In addition, they research and complete an added 20 hours of independent community service at a facility of their choice. 
Eleven local facilities participate in three categories. At the early childhood centers, our students experience the rapid growth and development of preschoolers. At elder-care facilities, they interact with residents at many different levels. Facilities for the handicapped provide exposure to the struggles and trials of coping with both mental and physical disabilities.
Students are closely monitored by both an on-site mentor and their faculty advisor. In addition, each student must complete a self-evaluation report, case study and reflection paper for each of the two rotations.
The administration and faculty of Lacordaire Academy encourage and support efforts to make the social dimension of the Christian faith come alive in caring service, creative education and principled action. Through their participation in Project Justice, students learn firsthand the value and importance of community service. The program is a life changing and enlightening experience for the students.


Lacordaire Academy offers an intersession program which allows Upper School students insight into careers as part of their high school experience. Junior and seniors will shadow a professional in their business observing their day to day work activities, appropriate business dress and the professional conduct of a given occupation. The Academy has arranged for shadowing possibilities to include such professions as teachers, law enforcement detectives, retail buyers, attorneys, pharmacists, advertising executives, restaurant managers, nursing directors, meeting planners and doctors among others.
Freshmen and sophomores will explore careers through special programs held at the Academy. Students will be graded based on their participation and required to share their experiences with the entire student body during an assembly period. Programs offered include Forensic Sciencefor students interested in how finger prints, DNA and other clues are used to help law enforcement;  an Art, Performance and Digital Media program for creative-minded students uses scripted material and live actors interacting with digital media to bring a story to life and French Cooking which demonstrates the creation of delicious French cuisine.

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