Why Choose Lacordaire?

Lower/Middle School 



Parent of two  Lower School Students
"In a society where any child can be lost and overlooked, the passion and committment of the faculty at Lacordaire create an integrated curriculum where each child is allowed to learn through therr own unique intelligneces. The focus is not only on excelling academically but truly nurturing and challenging each child to excel in character, critical thinking and creativity. Lacordaire is a gem." 

Parent two Middle School students 
"My two sons are currently in Middle School and have attended Lacordaire since Kindergarten. I can truly say Lacordaire has helped in the development of my boys' confidence and intellectual curiosity. The faculty and administration  are doing a superb job nurturing my children coupled with setting high academic expectations that is prepapring them for high school and beyond." 

Upper School 

Senior Parent:
"  The value that Lacordaire has provided for my duaghter has been immeasurable. The opportunities abound in academics, activities, sports, social events, personal growth and leadership. The school fosters a great sense of responsibility to community while developing the individuality of the young woman. The real prize is the personalized attention from the first day of freshman year that continues long after graduation. "

Freshman Parent:
"My daughter has received an incredible gift by coming to Lacordaire Academy. She is surronded by a very diverse group of young women, all of whom are bright, caring and curious about life. She is being educated and nurtured in a way I could not have imagined before now. Her classes are small in size, ensuring that she will get the attention she needs. The classes in theatre, art and design are a bonus for her as well as joining the tennis team and receiving great coaching. You do not get lost at Lacordaire."

Graduate Class of 2011  - Presently in Bayside Texas working as a Chemical Engineer with Exon Mobil with an outreach program affiliated with Stevens Institute of Technology where she attends college.
"Lacordaire gave me a sense of confidence. It was here I found my voice, where I realized that it is alright to speak up and be yourself.. It was here where I developed into a leader through my involvement in sports, clubs, community servce trips. Lacordaire allowed me to grow and mature into the successful college student I am today. My experiences at Lacordaire instilled in me the drive, passion and confidence to always do my best and find the silver lining in every situation.

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