At Lacordaire Academy in grades Pre K to 12, faculty use technology to engage students, to address all kinds of learning strategies and styles, and to prepare students for 21st Century classrooms and careers.  Technology is used to promote critical thinking, problem solving, and global awareness.  The Academy has twenty interactive Smart Boards, making this technology available to every grade and subject in the Academy. Lacordaire received 16 iPad II's and 10 iPad minis for our faculty to use in their classes.and there are 10 iPad mini's and 8 Chrome Books available to students for projects and problem based learning.  iPads have also been made available to our Pre K and Kindergarten students for center time.  Additionally, students have access to two computer labs on campus.As part of a popular pilot program, students in Middle and Upper School learned to use tablets, such as Kindles and Nooks, to increase active reading. They learned to highlight and annotate, as well as to research using tools available with this technology.  Students are free to bring in their own Kindles and Nooks from home to make outside reading more available and affordable to parents and to provide the students with necessary skills. Middle School students learn file management, Word Processing and presentation skills, using lap tops, Smart Boards,and  iPads.  Distance learning has increased global awareness.  Recent examples include Skyping with students and teachers from other countries such as Yugoslavia. Poland, and Africa communicating in French with students in Benin, and lessons in history from teachers in Bulgaria.


Each student and teacher has a Lacordaire email and has been trained in Google Apps. This move has allowed faculty to email and post homework, as well as tests and quizzes.Computer classes are offered once a week for grades Pre K to 8. Freshman take Introduction to Computers and Juniors and Seniors can take Computer Graphics as an elective. 

As part of Lacordaire's Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) initiative, students in the Lower and Middle Schools participated in the Hour of Code program.  Faculty members have received professional development for STEM  throughout the year.  

Photo Left to Right: Cathy Bates, Director of Center for STEM Education at West Point, Brian Morgan, Head of School, Lauren Mazzari, Asst. Head of School, Victoria Roche Middle School Coordinator, Dolores Grabowski, Science teacehr, and Suzanne Bilicska, Lower School Coordinator.

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