At Lacordiare Academy, faculty use techology to engage students, to address and include all kinds of learning strategies and styles and to prepare students for 21st Century classrooms and careers.  Technology is used to promote critical thinking, problem solving, and global awareness.  The Academy has close to twenty interactive Smart Boards, making this technology available to every subject and grade.  Students have access to computers in their classrooms, in addition to the two newly renovated computer labs and media room on campus. 

Students in Middle School are currently involved in a pilot program, in which they learn to use tablets, such as Kindles and Nooks, to increase active reading. They learn to highlight and annotate, as well as to research using tools available with this technology.  Additionally, the Academy is engaged in an IPad pilot program.  Faculty who do not already own an IPad have access to four new IPad IIs with remote access capability through Apple TV.  All faculty also receive tech support, training, and professional development throughout the year.

Middle School students learn file management, Word Processing skills and to create and give presentations, using lap tops, Smart Boards, Ipads. By eight grade all students know PowerPoint, Publisher and Excel programs. They can use digital cameras and scanners, edit photos, create a yearbook and newspaper.

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